What is the best DJ controller?

DJ controller

I compare 4 of the best DJ controllers on the market as well as explaining in detail what a DJ controller can do and what features to look out for. Read more

Why do bands hate DJs?

Cool DJ spinning the decks

Do bands really hate DJs? Find out some of the reasons why as well as some more reasons why maybe they’re wrong to hate them! Read more

Do wedding DJs need insurance?

Wedding DJ

I was recently looking into becoming a wedding DJ and one of things I was wondering was do wedding DJs need insurance? Find out the results of my detailed research in this article. Read more

Why do DJs lick their fingers?

DJ on decks

Find out why DJs lick their fingers and some common reasons why other people do it too. You will also learn a few ways to stop the habit. 🙂 Read more

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